Christmas Left Right Party Game

Christmas Left Right Party Game. Everyone starts holding the gift they came with, then one person reads the left right christmas story. Dress him up, make it a competition, have fun with it!

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Every time the reader says the word “right” everyone passes their gift to the right. If you’re having your christmas in july at the beach, why not build a snowman… out of sand! The left right game makes your white elephant gift exchange a lot more fun!

Everyone Starts Holding The Gift They Came With, Then One Person Reads The Left Right Christmas Story.

Much silliness will ensue, especially with little kids, when the christmas right and left game is played. Everyone who has brought a gift to participate sits in a circle. If you’re having your christmas in july at the beach, why not build a snowman… out of sand!

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The rules of the game are similar. As the host reads the story, each time the words “right” and “left” are read, the players pass the gift they are holding in that. Instruct them not to open their present, just yet.

This Right And Left Game Is Such A Fun And Simple Tradition For The Whole Family.

When the word “left” comes up in the story, the gifts are passed to the left. A person reads a poem or story. With this game, party goers are asked to sit or stand in a circle, each holding their wrapped gift they brought for the party.

Every Time The Word “Left” Is Read, You Pass The Gift To The Left.

In the end, you get points for being accurate with your drawing. Printed copy of story, microphone, and wrapped gift(s) instructions: Left right christmas game is a fun gift exchange game to play with friends during the holidays.

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Everything you need over 50% off. Every time they hear the word right, they pass them to the right. The participants should pay attention to a verbal cue.

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