Drunk Jenga Examples

Drunk Jenga Examples. This is one of my favorite ones, old but gold, if you have a jenga in your house it will be easier, or else you can buy one on amazon (its great game overall). Jenga as a drinking game is perfect as a party game.

Dabble… Day 3 Drunk Jenga from

Here's what i have so far. Strip jenga or naked jenga whatever you want to call it is a perfect example of this. Permanently change your race and gender or drink 2.

Decide Whoever Wants To Go First And Then Continue With Each Player Going Clockwise Around The Table.

The rules are designed to be played with two couples but can be altered. Listed below are 54 rules. I’d also pick up some fine point wood paint pens, but regular pilot.

Jenga Tower Is Centered On Sturdy Table With Opponents Spaced Equally Around It.

A beg to carry the components; Spin in a circle ten times then take a block. How to play the jenga drinking game.

If You Drag One Of These Labeled Stones, You Must Perform The Action Associated With The Label.

Here's what i have so far. So, you could write a different rule on the top of each piece, for example, “drink. Any help would be appreciated.

Strip Jenga Or Naked Jenga Whatever You Want To Call It Is A Perfect Example Of This.

Make a wedding toast for the person sitting next to you. If the card in the dealer’s hand is a 3 and the player guesses a 6,. You can write the numbers 1 to 54 on your jenga blocks with a marker pen and print the rules and play this way.

Slap The Person On Your Right.

Player will choose a piece and then must complete its “rule”, the player can choose not to but the penalty is to finish their drink. Give any player a shot! Isseve resin molds, tumbling stacking….

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