Easy Lion Head Drawing

Easy Lion Head Drawing. Make the nose slightly smaller than the gap between the eyes. Make sure that the torso doesn’t go too much to the left of vertical line #2.

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The goal of this and the following two steps is to construct a rough overall shape of the lion and to compare. Think of it as an oval with a point at the bottom. For this, draw two curved lines next to each other.

Draw The Nose Of The Lion.

Most frequent asked question about lion drawing for kids. Also draw a triangle shape with rounded edges for. Learn how to draw a lion for kids easy and step by step.

Around The Head, Draw The Lush Mane Using Jagged Lines Of Different Lengths.

Refine the drawing to make it flow. The head has a rounded shape, while the lower part is wider. 1 learn how to draw a lion step by step.

Next Begin To Draw In The Eyes.

Next, add some lines for the sides of the nose and the tops of the eyes. Here are some easy tips on how to draw a lion head. It is very tempting to start drawing a lion by outlining the lion’s mane and the head but the correct positioning of the body is more important at this stage.

From There Begin To Draw In The Nose And Mouth.

Draw lightly so you can add more details and change the shapes of. Start with a triangle like shape. Add the mouth and whiskers using curved and straight lines.

Connected To The Bottom Of This, Add A Straight Line For The Nose Bridge.

Add the eyes just above the mid point of the head. Draw this lion head by following this drawing lesson. Draw a head around it.

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