Game Of Thrones Family Tree Targaryen

Game Of Thrones Family Tree Targaryen. The photos give fans a first look at several main characters in house of dragons but how exactly do these people connect to jon snow, daenerys, and the rest of the got crew we grew to love? This game of thrones family tree shows the four most important houses at the show’s beginning:

The Targaryen Family Tree Explained [Infographic]The Targaryen Family Tree Explained [Infographic]
The Targaryen Family Tree Explained [Infographic] from

We collect these categories of personal information. When aegon i eventually died, aenys. is a free private social network that helps families come together to discover, share and preserve their memories.

Game Of Thrones’ Lena Headey Sued By Former Agency Over Unpaid Commission Fees.

Dig deep into your ancestral history and start making and sharing memories with your family now. Not long ago, george r.r. Rhaegar targaryen, viserys targaryen, daenerys targaryen (married khal drogo).

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There’s this one, that says jon snow is a targaryen.or this one, that puts tyrion as part of. Prince rhaegar was the son of the mad king aerys, and older brother to daenerys and viserys targaryen. Lots of game of thrones fan theories hinge on relationships to the targaryens, no matter how fringe.

Stark, Targaryen, Lannister And Baratheon.

She is currently the head of the house targaryen and lady of dragonstone following the assassination of her aunt queen daenerys targaryen and the subsquent exile of her older twin brother jon. His wife, joanna lannister died before the beginning of the show after giving birth to their youngest son tyrion. King aenys i targaryen was the second king of the targaryen dynasty.

Dany Is Jon’s Aunt Because She Is The Sister Of Jon’s Birth Father, Rhaegar.

The targaryen family tree may not be viewable in its entirety. That concludes the targaryen family tree, as depicted in game of thrones. It has now been revealed that jon is actually the legitimate son of lyanna stark and rhaegar targaryen, who was aerys’s heir and daenerys’s eldest brother.

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Lyanna was the only daughter of rickard stark, and sister to ned, benjen, and brandon. Lord tywin lannister is the head of the house of lannister until he is shot with a crossbow by his son tyrion for sleeping with his girlfriend. When aegon i eventually died, aenys.

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