How To Draw A Easy Lion

How To Draw A Easy Lion. How to draw lion face & head step by step #lion #face #drawing #lionfacedrawing this step by step tutorial shows how to draw a lion's face and head going. A lion can be drawn in three simple steps.

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Draw the mouth using curved lines and add an incomplete circle around the mouth and nose. Placing three main head parts correctly is important! Finally draw some whiskers and a mouth.

How To Lion Drawing For Kids.

Begin your lion by drawing a large circle for the head. Next, add some lines for the sides of the nose and the tops of the eyes. How to draw a face!:

Start The Drawing Of The Lion By First Outlining The Basic Shape Of It’s Body And Head.

The “u” should fill about 20% of the height of the circle (in other words, if you measured the height of the circle, your “u” should take up a fifth of that space). Draw a head around it. Start drawing the facial features.

Erase Any Lines That You Don’t Need.

How to draw a realistic lion. Draw two curves on one side down from the center of the head for front leg and paw together, draw another front leg is as same as the first one. Consequently, add placeholders for eyes, nose, and ears.

Next, Add Two Short Curving Vertical Lines On The Snout.

To complete this step, draw an arbitrary shape using a curved line. Click image for bigger version. Then add a smaller circle inside of the first one for the lion’s nose.

Add The Feet And Leg Lines.

Add a small w shape below face forming snout, 2 ears above the head, and define legs with other simple lines. Kids songs, shows, crafts, activities, and resources for teachers & parents! Placing three main head parts correctly is important!

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