How To Draw Fox Step By Step

How To Draw Fox Step By Step. Therefore, you will not find any difficulties to draw fox. Enclose a half circle and a wide, rounded, loose “m” shape to from the fox’s head.

How to Draw a Fox Step by Step Cute Easy Drawings from

Add a small circle nose. Sketching the body of the fox. Draw the three triangles which will be in oval shaped.

Draw The Back Legs Of Your Fox.

Now draw the eyes, nose and whiskers of the fox. Color in your fox eyes and draw eyebrows. Our art drawing tutorial is designed by a professional art teacher and suitable for any ages.

Since You're Looking At The Fox Straight On, It Looks Like The Nose Is Pointing Down, So Add A Bump To The Bottom Of The Head For The Nose.

It's like the shape of your nose with two small bumps on the bottom and two curved sides. Draw two brow lines as shown. Draw some very small lines on the left side.

We Will Simplify It With A Box Shape And Then We Will Ad Simple Forms Of The Legs And Tail.

How to draw a fox step by step for beginners. If you want to draw a fox and make it look cute, you have come to the right place. Draw the body with long curve.

To Make The Fox’s Head Add Two Small Triangles On Top Of The Head Circle For The Ears And Draw A Curved Line From The Bottom Of The Head Circle Down To The Neck.

This is a lovely flowing shape and while the tip may align with the bottom of the fox’s face, it doesn’t need to be even. A loose wet into wet wash can establish interest with color. To separate the fur area along the sides of the head, draw two curved lines.

First Of All, Depict The Animal’s Head, Pointed At The Sides, Using Curved Lines.

My best tip, that i can give you is drawing them as simple as possible in the beginning. Therefore, you will not find any difficulties to draw fox. Let’s start our kawaii fox’s face by drawing an outline for the left part of the face.

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