Illuminati Playing Cards Predictions

Illuminati Playing Cards Predictions. A card game from the 1990s appeared to predict the coronavirus outbreak, according to conspiracy theorists. Questions are to be asked and answers determined.

Thread by MrH3RB The Illuminati card game Introduced in 1995 The from

The game of conspiracy’ is a card game produced by steve jackson games that was originally released in the early 80′s. The epidemic card from the board game “illuminati: Join us as we divine the future from this predictive and odd game we have no idea how to play.

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The order of these cards as presented by david icke is very interesting. New world order card game in 1995, and after his accounts and offices were raided in the same year,which subsequently went out of print after a brief release. If used with an action, it must be played when that action is first declared.

Over The Next Few Years, Three Expansions For.

Strength, dexterity, faith, and destruction. This card is often circulated alongside a real image of the september 11, 2001 attack in order to show similarities between the card and the real events of 9/11. It’s honestly as if our judaic overlords are playing a game with their illuminati playing cards.

2) There Are Two ‘Illuminati Card Games’, Released By The Same Company, Which Are Similar In Many Ways:

The resource cost for cards are split among one or more of: A wacky game should be more fun to play. After researching the illuminati and conspiracy theories, and extensive and enthusiastic playtesting it went on the market in july 1982 in the (at the time) usual sjg pocket box format.

The Game Of Conspiracy’ Is A Card Game Produced By Steve Jackson Games That Was Originally Released In The Early 80′S.

The game’s “terrorist nuke” card looks eerily similar to the 9/11 attacks on new york. 1) who are the illuminati? 10 illuminati card game predictions that will blow your mind.

The Illuminati Playing Cards Predictions Value In Gematria Calculator (Type In A Word Or A Number E.g.

Brain doctors left speechless after watching this. During the 80s and 90s, more cards were added to the game, and were subsequently used for play. When the rapture comes this card represents the day of the lord and rapture of the church.

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