Lil Wayne Glow In The Dark Tattoos

Lil Wayne Glow In The Dark Tattoos. The thing about this video, it was his concept to shoot the black light, 'cause that way the tats that he has, they glow in the dark. Lil wayne debuts his uv tattoos.


The widespread practice and use of these new inks is only 10 years old so the fda hasn’t really completed the research needed to determine whether small amounts of phosphorous on your skin will cause you harm. However, many reputable tattoo artists won’t use any inks associated with black light tattoos or even glow in the dark tattoos because of the liability involved. Lil wayne debuts his uv tattoos.

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Lil wayne gets glow in the dark face tattoos pics: As mentioned above, in the 1990s, when the trend started, phosphorus along with other natural pigments and traditional materials was used. If you have a day job that doesn’t look fondly on intricately done tattoo.

It Looks Like The Skin But Its A Tattoo.

We went there today, got done in 15 mins. He is expected to be released in november. What’s worth noting is that phosphorus is a toxic chemical, and more importantly, it is cancerous.

The Safety Of The Blacklight Tattoos Is The First Thing We Want To Address.

Lil wayne has some tattoos done in ultraviolet. He came up with that idea. Lil wayne debuts his uv tattoos.

Lil Wayne Pleaded Guilty To Attempted Criminal Possession Of A Weapon In October 2009 And Was Sentenced To A Year In Rikers In March.

Lil wayne debuts his uv tattoos. Glow in the dark tattoo. Well, as you probably know, ordinary tattoo ink is a metal, vegetable or plastic base pigment suspended in a hypoallergenic carrier solution.

The Thing About This Video, It Was His Concept To Shoot The Black Light, 'Cause That Way The Tats That He Has, They Glow In The Dark.

You can even ink an existing tattoo to increase the effect. By jayson rodriguez lil wayne photo: Lil wayne debuts his uv tattoos.

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