One Hole Washer Board Dimensions

One Hole Washer Board Dimensions. Make a little triangle support on each side for the 2×6 or it will wobble. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable javascript.

Classic 1 Hole Washer Toss / Washer Game Boards by GetOutsideGames from

Only one team can score on each turn. Turn determined by last competitor to score. We made them 30×30 with 3/4 plywood, 2×6 on edge in the back, 2×2 on the front (both underneath, top should be smooth).

Foot May Not Extend Over Edge Of Tbe Game Board.

Each hole’s center is 12’’ from the center of the next hole. (i.e., competitor one scores a 1 and two 3s, competitor two scores a 1, a 3 and a 5. The board has three holes of 4’’ in diameter.

To Keep The Distance Between The Boards Consistent And.

Each board is 32x13x3 inches. If any of the thrown washers happen to land on the top of any edge inside the washer toss game box, that player automatically wins the game. Any washers that land inside the hole are worth 3 points, and washers that land in the bottom of the box are worth 1 point.

Opposing Washers Zero One Another.

Submit your order by & receive double washers for free! A washer in the cup is worth 5 points. These boards feature a full 1 thick exterior grade baltic birch frame, convenient rope carrying system, and the ability to use our washer locker to store washers with your boards.

Flip Them Over And Draw Lines From Corner To Corner To Help You Find The Center.

If the washer reaches the hole or cup, the player gets 3 points. The two boards will be connected by 10 foot lengths of rope, chain, cable, etc. Add both washers and subtract from 18 = 10) if you make all three washer in the same hole on your turn you automatically win the game.

The Distance Is Measured Usually Just By Looking At The Washers.

Easily share your publications and get. A team wins if it reaches 21 points. To score points the washer must fall entirely into the hole.

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