Perfect Winged Eyeliner With Tape

Perfect Winged Eyeliner With Tape. Rip two pieces of clear tape, about 2 inches each. It is done to prevent the crease on the tape.

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This method involves using an eyeshadow brush to pull the eyelid skin taut and aid the application. Makeup artist jemma whittaker tested a popular eyeliner hack on tiktok and was pleased with the results. Forget redbull and victoria's secret,.

Forget Redbull And Victoria's Secret,.

Using liquid eyeliner, draw a short, thin line from the outer corner of the eye, extending the natural curve of your lower. Finish off by extending the line along your upper lash line. Cut a tape measuring about 2 cm and stick along the outer edge of your eyes in an angle you would want your wings to be.

It Comes From @Kat_Longoria, A Beauty Vlogger On Tiktok, And Her Video Showing The Formula For.

“the higher the angle the more dramatically lifted your eyeliner will be.”. This third technique is very interesting and works exceptionally for a dramatic winged eyeliner look. Don’t use too much as it can weigh the lash down and it’ll take a lot longer to dry.

Try A More Subtle Shade If You Want Your Winged Liner To Stand Out, Or Use A Darker Shade If You’re Going Full Glam And Combining A Smoky Eye With Your Winged Liner.

After sticking the tape, you are open to creativity with your eyeliner or kajal pencil. Just gently tap it onto your resting lids. Here's my secret to drawing the perfect winged eyeliner using tape!

You Are Going To Begin At Almost The Tip For Your First Line And Bring It Into About The Middle Of Your Eyelid, Creating A Sharp, Pretty Wing Outline.

Favorited tape trick for perfect winged liner 07 feb 15:59; Applying mascara to upper lashes. Get the full tutorial on.

They Run The Gamut From Setting Your Liner With A Matching Eyeshadow To Using A Pencil Liner As A Base, Then Tracing Over The Top With A Liquid, But There’s Now A New Method Doing The Rounds.

Extend it if you like colour it in and repeat on the other eye. You can draw a line right next to your upper lash line while leaving the tip of your. Another way to create a clean line is to lay the side of your liner tip against the lash line intermittently, creating a “map” of sorts, connecting the dots, and creating a clean baseline for a knockout wing.

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