Saran The first person with the ball starts unwrapping the ball while the person on their right rolls a pair of dice, trying to roll doubles. We featured the game on and it has become a huge hit!

Play This Hilarious Saran Wrap Game at Your Holiday Party! from

To play the saran wrap ball game you’ll need your completed saran wrap ball, a pair of dice, and a pie plate or bowl. Each round consists of an “unwrapper” and a “dice roller.”. The saran wrap ball game was such a fun activity!

Of Course, Whoever Puts The Saran Wrap Ball Together Should Make Sure To Put The Best Prize At The Center Of.

Saran wrap christmas game for 1. This is definitely not something that is needed for the game, just something that was fun and added some spice to the game. This christmas party game is a must!

Now For The Fun Part:

We featured the game on and it has become a huge hit! Each round consists of an “unwrapper” and a “dice roller.”. This saran wrap party game is a hoot!

The First Person With The Ball Starts Unwrapping The Ball While The Person On Their Right Rolls A Pair Of Dice, Trying To Roll Doubles.

If one falls out during your turn, you get to keep it! You want to go quickly so you can get to the prizes. Don't forget to watch the video showing you how to make the saran wrap ball!

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The saran wrap game involves a giant ball of plastic wrap, with lots of small prizes wrapped up inside. Saran wrap ball game rules. Note, you will need 2 oven mitts + 2 dice to play the game.

At First, Take The Special Gift And Start Wrapping It.

So that it gets unwrapped at the end of the game maintaining the excitement level till last. Begin by sitting everyone in a circle and giving one person the saran wrap ball and the person to their left the bowl/pie plate and dice. The saran wrap ball game is a great family/party game that can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want.

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