Step By Step How To Draw A Fox

Step By Step How To Draw A Fox. Add the eyes and the inside of the ears. Continue the line at the bottom with a wide curve getting larger at the base.

Learn to Draw a Fox in Six Steps Learn To Draw from

Draw a head for your fox. To draw a fox, you first need to decide on a posture or stance. I add a smaller oval on the right side where the circle and the shorter line meet.

A Little Above Where You Ended The Previous.

So, let’s learn to draw a fox step by step. Drawing the legs of the fox correctly can be kinda tricky. Step by step directions for how to draw a simple fox.

Draw A Larger Circle Below The First One.

Draw a line for the fox tail. Do the same on the right portion but the tip ends on the jaw part only and won’t touch the chin. Step by step drawing tutorial on how to draw a fox.

Draw A Line For The Fox Head.

Draw a vertical wavy line on the tail. Connect the head and the body with two short curved lines. Begin the drawing by making two straight intersecting lines, one vertical and one horizontal.

Let's Start By Drawing The Eyes.

From the top of body draw another legs. Add a small circle nose. The last step is only needed if you’re going for a detailed or realistic look.

Give Your Fox A Background, Draw Mountain, Cloud, And Sun.

Now, it’s time to start your fox drawing! Start from one side of the fox’s face and draw another heart shape to form the fluffy chest. Draw a circle for the nose on the middle a little below the eyes.

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