Steps To Draw A Puppy

Steps To Draw A Puppy. To do this, draw some smooth wavy lines. Draw a cross inside the head drawn in the last step to mark the centerline of the puppy.

How To Draw A Cute Dog Step By Step Video Draw a cute laughing mouth from

Draw the outline of the head. Draw outline for legs & ears. Also, draw a line in the middle of the tongue for detailing.

To Draw A Puppy We Will Start With The Head, Draw A Circle With An Attached Distorted Triangular Shape Below.

In this lesson, we are going to learn how to draw a puppy step by step with basic drawing tools. Start the work by drawing six ovals & six curve lines. Easy steps to draw a puppy.

How To Draw A Puppy.

Draw the mouth, nose and eye. Easy how to draw a puppy tutorial and puppy coloring page save me to your pinterest board!. The last step is to draw smaller circles in the eyes and fill them with a black marker or color leaving a small white dot for the sparkling effect.

How To Draw A Puppy's Head Step 1.

Be sure to observe the different sizes and shapes contained in the example drawing of the puppy. Draw the outline of the head. Draw the tail and detail the color.

Also Make The Front Pair Of Legs.

To complete the body, draw the back leg and tail. Draw a cross in the center of the circular head. Draw the ear and the outlines of the torso.

Lets Finish Up The Dog Face.

Dogs’ eyes are more circular than human eyes. Start drawing the front leg and belly. Below the drawn head draw a.

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