Strangers Card Game

Strangers Card Game. And according to the brand’s rep, it has grown a loyal community of over two million followers on instagram in only two years. Here in italy we’re all locked into our houses to prevent covid to spread, and the situation is depressing.

The We're Not Really Strangers card game embraces vulnerability from

How honest are your dating experiences, really? The original version of this game, growl, required that you play the three rounds, so the inutility of the waffle cards wasn’t an issue. You can play it with your friends, but everyone answers each card on their own!

With The Main Pack, You Get Three Levels Of Questions And Wildcards.

Founded by koreen odiney, the card game has cultivated a dedicated following, provoking a different way of thinking when it comes to mental health. 2 pencils and a wnrs notepad. Meant more as an icebreaker game between strangers and acquaintances, the white cards feature an array of questions ranging from the universal to more personal ones.

And According To The Brand’s Rep, It Has Grown A Loyal Community Of Over Two Million Followers On Instagram In Only Two Years.

Made to spark and spread empathy, this pocket sized card game sparks conversations about the big topics like one’s background, values. I seriously love this game. No matter how long you've been with your partner, you will undoubtedly be surprised by some of their answers.

We're Not Really Strangers Game Family Edition.

At the start of the game, each player will draw a hand of 3 cards and place one of their kids in the school space. It would help us to keep outselves busy during this quarantine time. Created by koreen in 2018, the card game was born out of the idea of fostering meaningful connections with ourselves, our loved ones and complete strangers.

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The original curiosity edition — $25.00. Priced at $25.00, the wnrs card game comes with the following: How honest are your dating experiences, really?

In My Personal Opinion, It’s Worth It If You’re Willing To Hunch A Bit Of Money.

Strategically designed to help spark sincere emotional dialogue between players, the card deck. The promo code will be automatically copied to the clipboard on your smartphone or computer. Thanks in advance for your help!

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